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Product Marketing Services

Read about our proprietary LIFT methodology to learn our approach on how to market a product successfully:


Step 1: Lofting

Lofting is defined as transferring line concepts to full-sized plans while retaining accuracy and aesthetics to ensure a quality product. At Product Launchers, we'll work with you to turn stick figure ideas into real life prototypes sufficient for sales demonstration purposes. Our team brings the creativity, sourcing and management needed to successfully loft.


Step 2: Instruments

We'll arm you with solid product marketing services – a strong name, logo, tagline, messaging, look and feel, etc. – that compels attention. As a leading product marketing agency, we develop all of the marketing collateral needed to gain lift in the marketplace. This includes market-specific sell sheets, websites, videos and more.


Step 3: Flight Plan

Our plan will chart our proposed course of action to achieve lift and may include an integrated mix of business development outreach, tradeshows, public relations, Internet marketing, advertising and/or social media.


Step 4: Take Off

Pre-flight, we will use our experience and business acumen to set your product up for success. But taking off is the beginning of the journey. At Product Launchers, we believe that you’ll never truly know how to market a product by reading a book or taking a class. It requires going through the real-life experience and having the smarts to think on your feet and make mid-course corrections as needed. That’s where the true opportunities are found, honed and leveraged.

Ready to take off? Give us a call!

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