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Amazon Sales

Image by Christian Wiediger
Image by Daniel Eledut

“Work hard,
have fun,
make history”

-Jeff Bezos

We love making money on Amazon. Here's how we do it:

1. Your products are set up for maximum success using the most effective content and graphics. 

2. Our advertising strategy focuses on optimizing ACOS and because of our Super Seller Status, we are frequently invited to participate in Amazon's beta programs.

3. We handle all troubleshooting and support calls/correspondence with Seller Central and are adept at pushing through what's needed. 

4. Most notably, we partner with our clients to develop and grow their personalized Amazon-centric business model. Sometimes, it is a complement to their retail strategy; other times, it's a brand-new sales vertical on the world's largest ecommerce platform. 

Product Launchers is an extension of your team by managing your daily Amazon business and maximizing your potential on the platform. Ready to learn more? Let's talk.

Let’s Work Together

75 South Broadway, 4th Floor

White Plains, NY 10601

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